Hear it from the Source

When it comes to describing our Driving School or our business standards, hear it from our students. Take a look at their feedback below and learn all there is to know about learning at Left2Leon.


Leon is an amazing driving instructor. He’s brilliant at knowing what you need both skills and confidence-wise, especially if you’re anxious about driving. He encourages you to push yourself but it never feels overwhelming. I always felt safe and supported in lessons which gave me the confidence to do things I’d otherwise be too nervous to try.
He is kind and patient and never loses his air of professionalism. When I made mistakes he was understanding and calmly explained how to correct them (often using handy visual aids, usually iPad apps). He believed in me even when I didn’t always have faith in myself. I couldn’t have asked for a better instructor and I can’t recommend him enough! 🌟
Thanks Leon!

Issie Bickerstaff


13 Ashacre Cl, Husbands Bosworth, Lutterworth LE17 6FL, UK

07976 464105


07976 464105

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